Urban Vision North Staffordshire, the architecture and urban design centre, is seeking new trustees. Could you give a few hours a month to help manage the centre’s affairs?

Since it began work in 2004 Urban Vision has grown quickly top play an important role in North Staffordshire’s urban renaissance. Working together with funders and stakeholders it provides a diverse range of services including: the flagship design-review panel, characterisation studies, design briefs and contribution to statutory planning policy, training and education with young people, architects, planners and councillors, public events to raise awareness and inspire the public and professionals.

Urban Vision’s work is highly valued by its partners. Two independent reviews have found strong support from funders and stakeholders. The centre has recently expanded from four staff to seven, increased the number of funders from two to seven and grown the range of work it delivers.

Now Urban Vision needs to strengthen its board and are seeking additional trustees to provide a wider range of skills and experience. In particular they would like experience in; business and organisational development, human resources, public sector management, IT, education, marketing and funding applications.

Trustees meet once a month, manage the centre’s legal, financial and employment affairs and contribute to the work of the centre with there own ideas, experience and contacts.

To find out more please contact Mike Downs, Urban Vision Manager on 01782 575321 or visit