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Acas is an acronym for Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service. It is one of the leading impartial authorities in Britain that deals with workplace relationships between employers and employees. In particular, it provides free and impartial advice and information to both employees and employers on matters such employment law and workplace relations. Such information and advice is meant to help organisations succeed in their business undertakings. Here is a look in detail at some of the support and guidance services that Acas offers. If you need support then don’t hesitate to call the ACAS UK Contact Number


Conflict management and dispute resolution at the workplace

This is the primary service offered by Acas. The organization has statutory powers that allow it to provide conciliation when talks to resolve disputes between an employer and employees break down. When mediation and conciliation prove ineffective, Acas also has a mandate to offer arbitration services to the parties involved in dispute. Typically, the involvement of Acas occurs at the request of the parties in dispute. However, there are instances when Acas takes the initiative and persuades parties in a given conflict that they would benefit from using its services. For relatively complex cases such as claims for work of equal value, Acas often appoints independent experts to sit on the mediation or arbitration panels. This is in line with the 2004 amendment to the Equal Pay Act of 1970 which requires that work and reports regarding equal pay disputes be handled by independent experts. In the conflict resolution negotiations Acas brings to the table its strong inter-personal skills, reliability, trustworthiness, commitment to conflict resolution and impartiality. However, it does not have the powers to make formal recommendations or decide on a settlement. All the services offered by Acas with regards to group dispute resolution at the workplace are free. It is also important to note that Acas also offers individual mediation. Such mediation includes disputes between an individual and their employer or a conflict between individual colleagues in an organisation. Unlike collective mediation which is free, Acas’ dispute resolution assistance for individual mediation is provided at a fee.

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Provision of guidance and advice to both employers and employees

Acas has a helpline that provides a wide range of guidance and advice to employees and employers alike on issues related to resolution of employment disputes and understanding of the laws and regulations governing the relationship between employers and employees. Apart from the help lines, Acas also provides affordable training and guidance in the field of people management and employment relations. Some of the courses offered include those that deal with equality and diversity at the workplace, information and consultation, conflict management, employment law and those regarding workplace stress and absence. The training is mainly directed at human resource managers of both small and medium size business organisations. For large organisations, Acas provides them bespoke support.

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Business support services

Acas provides in-depth support to business organizations of different sizes and from different sectors of the economy. For each business organization it deals with it determines the type of employment relations issues it has or is likely to have and then provides a solution that is tailored to address the particular challenge or challenges that the business faces with regards to employment relations issues. These business support services are offered through both phone calls and advisory visits to the business organizations requiring them. Excellent workplace relations between employers and employees are a key ingredient for business success. As this discussion of the advice and support services Acas provides to businesses shows, the organisation plays a very important role in maintaining the health of the British economy. Any business organisation that needs advice on employment relations or conciliation and mediation services will benefit greatly from the advice and support services provided by Acas.